Bird Watching

‘a paradise for bird-life from low tropical, cooler hills to arctic climate’

Bird Watching in Nepal offers various places to observe for ornithologists, as well as for beginners in bird watching. For the size of a country, Nepal with more than 857 different species of bird-life, from migratory to residential. Due to its unique biodiversity of the country’s landscapes and varied climate that makes Nepal rich in flora/fauna.

Including 8 % of the world’s bird population are found within the country from the low land of Terai to cooler hills. As far towards the higher mountainous region of the Himalayas, with an amazing places for bird watching around all parts of Nepal.   

One does not need to travel far in Nepal for exciting bird watching, as Kathmandu valley provides an excellent location. Where one can hike for a day or more to spot some of the beautiful colorful species of birds.

We would like to recommend few interesting places to observe exotic birdlife within Kathmandu valley and beyond.

Phulchowki Hill

A drive and walk takes you to the height of 2, 760 m, the highest hills within the Kathmandu valley rim. Located a mere distance of 18 k.m. from South East of Kathmandu city, a great place to observe birds.

Along with the backdrop of the stunning Himalayan Mountain panorama, within green alpine forest surroundings. Besides common birds, one can spot some rare birds like Redheaded Trogon, spring babbler, the Curia, Mountain Hawk Eagle. Includes Rufus Bellied Pied Woodpeckers and the Black-throated Parrotbill, to name a few.  About 90 species of birdlife have been recorded around this scenic and tranquil location of Phulchowki Hill. 

Shivapuri and Nagarjun Hills

The nearest hills within Kathmandu valley rim to reach Shivapuri hill at 2,145 m high. A short drive from the city heading north, with a few hour hike uphill, besides other common species. Where some rare birds are found like the Laughing Thrush, Crested Serpent Eagle, Ruby-throats, little Pied Fly Catchers, Magpies. Includes colorful Sunbirds and Pheasants. Another best areas of the valley is Nagarjun Hill, located North West from the capital, a 2-hour hike to reach the top offers a grand-stand view of Kathmandu valley within a dense forest of rhododendron, pines, oaks, and magnolia trees on the walk full of birdlife as in Shivapuri hills.

Bird Watching Beyond Kathmandu Valley

Drive or fly to scenic Pokhara, a city and the valley of semi-tropical climate, and yet close to high massif Annapurna Himalaya.

While in Pokhara, one does not need to travel far take a boat ride on serene Phewa Lake. To reach the shore of Rani-Ban, a place opposite of the lake covered in thick woodland, with exciting birdlife.

Around this peaceful area in the fields and pools observe Egrets, Herons, Pipits, and Buntings, etc. other birds are occurring are Gulls, Terns, Ducks, and Falcons, etc. Begnas Tal is 15 km away from Pokhara with a light forest surrounding by the Begnas Tal (lake).  Birds sighted here are few species of Ducks, Pheasant-Tailed Jacana; Hoppie Grey-bellied Tesias, Common Pintail Snipe, and Bulbuls, etc. 

Kosi Tappu Wildlife Reserve

Famous for water and land birds, the one and only bird sanctuary of Nepal, located Far South East of the country. Where one can observe waterfowl, waders, more than 26 species of ducks, includes over 450 different bird species.

Chitwan National Park

A great place and popular habitation for both residence and migratory birds, located Mid-South of Nepal, another place for bird watching. Where more than 500 species of different birds have been recorded like Blue Indian Roller, Stork-billed Kingfishers, Bengal Florican, Asian Paradise Flycatcher, Bee-eaters, and Cormorants. 

Best time for Bird Watching in Nepal

Bird Watching in Nepal, the best time in spring, summer, autumn, and winter times, where migratory birds add more excitement to watch different species of bird-life.