Jungle Safari and Wild Life

‘a country of thrills with exciting jungle activities around its exotic national parks’ 

Jungle safari and wild-life in Nepal, a country with abundant exotic sites for games and botanical excursion. Where all safari and nature activities take place around its deep dense tropical jungles within famous national parks. Likewise, Chitwan, Bardiya, and Kosi-Tappu wildlife reserve, one can visit to enjoy various jungle programs a few days or more. All in the comfort of a nice lodge, resorts, an enjoyable stay with exciting thrill on jungle safari and wildlife in Nepal.

Nepal due to its dramatic bio-diversity of landscapes, and climate that makes the country special and unique. From the world's tallest mountain range to green cooler hills, extends to lower south the flat-land of Terai belt. 

Within Nepal, there are various species of flora and fauna, that nearly extinct in some parts of the world. A country enriched with 2 % of all flowering plants in the world; 8 % of the world's population of birds (more than 857 species). 

Includes 4 % of mammals on earth; 11 of the world's 15 families of butterflies (more than 500 species). With 600 indigenous plant families; 319 species of exotic orchids.

Which makes one of the best place in Asia for Jungle Safari and Wild-Life in Nepal, where one enjoy varied activities. Riding on an elephant, jungle/nature walks, bird-watching, dug-canoe ride to spot water bird-life and crocodiles including jungle drive.

All jungle safari with an opportunity to catch glimpse of wild-life, includes Royal Bengal Tiger, Rhinoceros, and four types of deer. The number extends to various mammals small or big with more than 600 different species of birdlife.

 Where pea-fowl / peacock, jungle fowl, and peasant are the most common birds with storks and giant egrets.

Jungle Safari and Wild-life in Nepal, a guided safari Guided by professional naturalists and jungle guides. To enjoy your stay around these famous parks, where one reach by overland, air or with adrenaline adventure on rafting.