Nepal Travel advice and NNTR's Assurance & Covid-19

How we will keep you Safe on your trip to Nepal.

Keeping you and our team safe and Healthy has always been our biggest concern and top priority, especially during this time; it will strongly continue to be our top priority.

We are monitoring and evaluating the Ever-Changing Situation with the COVID-19 Pandemic and Potential influence to travel around the world, Nepal and we can’t be untouched from it. We commit all of you to keep you updated and informed with the unstable situation. We have updated our health and safety procedures and policies to make it perfect for this kind of situation and we will continue to be robust during this time.

We’ve developed the Namaste Nepal Trekking & Research hub’s assurance (NNTR’S Assurance) strategy to help you to make Confident Decisions about your next adventure to Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan with us. That includes more Flexible change policies and our new trip satisfaction Guarantee.

Namaste Nepal Trekking & Research hub’s assurance (NNTR’S Assurance) and Covid-19

We have been Nepal’s guided adventure specialists for more than a decade. And we are Horner and pride ourselves on creating perfect Holidays, offering extraordinary services, connecting people with Nature, Ancient Culture and tradition. As an expert in our trekking and tours field, we talk to you about the Preparations and help you to get a perfect trip for you at the best price from hundreds of choices.

We perfectly understand that you’re making a commitment to us. This is your dream trip of a lifetime and you want it to be perfect! Our NNTR’s Assurance to you is a sign of our confidence in what we do and our ability to provide extraordinary trekking and tours experiences in Nepal. So here's what you can expect from us for your Lifetime Experience!

Book with Confidence

It’s very hard to tell what will be the travel restrictions will be like in the coming months, you might feel doubtful about whether you will be able to travel or not, and whether you should hand over money for an adventure that you may not be able to start. We understand all of that and you don’t have to worry about any of that.

With confidence we want you to get excited about your next holidays to the Mystical land of the Himalayas.  Because our new booking terms provides the easiest and secure way to book your holidays without paying a big amount of money with uncertainty.

No Advance Payment, Zero Cancellation Charge

Book now with our NNTR’s team as a tentative booking, and travel later, make sure you have placed on Hold. As we said, No one knows what travel restrictions will be in the coming months. Until we have more certainty together we can find out the best way to precede your holidays.

For the Bookings of our any kind of services, there will be no advance payments required and a Zero Cancellation charge will be applied until Nepal’s Border is open to travel from your country. We aim to provide the trips at the last minute. You can arrive here directly and take our services. In other situations slandered terms and conditions will apply. 

Lifetime deposit

If in the case of Travel restrictions applied by the government after your payments received, any amount you paid will be held as a lifetime deposit for future travel. 

Transferable travellers

If any of your group members or your travel partner can’t make to the planned trip, you can transfer any travellers on any of the future bookings without any cost.

Change your trip

If your plan changed or you can’t make it for the trip you can change your trip to anytime in the future without any extra cost.

Home PCR Test Facilities

Once you use our services, if you find any difficulty in your health or symptoms of Covid-19 we guarantee your Home PCR test (Doctors from our partner hospital will come to your hotel to collect your swab in Kathmandu. The report should be out in 24 hours.

Up to Date Nepal Status:

Our considerations and wishes are with all those people who are affected by the Noble Corona Virus, Covid-19, while the Health, safety and security of our clients and team members are principal. The most accurate and up to date information on the status of Nepal and its borders can be found on the following official websites:

Nepal Corona Virus Status

Department of Immigration Nepal

WHO Advice for the Public

United States Travel Advisories

United Kingdom Travel Advisories

Australia Travel Advisories

Our commitment & preparations to you!

1. Our Commitment to Safe Holidays 

We are actively working to maintain the safety measures for providing you with a risk-free vacation in Nepal.

2. Availability of Protection Gear

we make sure the availability of Sanitizers, Masks & Gloves during your trekking and tours.

3. Social Distancing Measures

Maintaining social distancing measures everywhere we provide our services.

4. Regular Temperature Checks

Regular screening of our staff, Guests, Guides, support staff, and Drivers.

Before your arrival/ Pre Trip

1. We are committed to working alongside the Government rules and regulations where NNTR’s team and operators to prevent the spared of COVID-19.


3. We acknowledge that we must work together to guarantee the health, safety and wellbeing of everyone.

4. We will reach out to all guests before their departure for more specific information about their health condition, safety, and current situation of Nepal for travelling.

4. Covid-19 test Negative report is required which need to be not more than 72 hours from your arrival.

Once you Arrived

1. Wear a mask and keep maintain social distance.

2. All NNTR’s Guests and team members must wear Mask or protective Face coverings recommended by 

3. Follow social-distancing guidelines regulatory agencies or authorities such as the US CDC or the European CDC. We provide KN-95 masks to all the team members and to the guests as well if needed.

4. All the time during the trek and tour, our guides and support staff are aware of maintaining social distance from one another and encourage our guests and other people to do so as well.

5. Keep hands clean and wear surgical Gloves

6. It’s our commitment to wash our hands before, during, and after providing the services you required and bring hand sanitiser all the time with us. NNTR provides an anti-bacterial hand sanitiser to all the team members and to guests if needed.

7. Wash your hands properly with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. Wash them before handling food, eating food, after interacting animals, after going to the bathroom, or after blowing your nose, coughing, or sneezing.

8. If soap and water are not readily available, use a hand sanitiser that contains at least 70% alcohol. Cover your hands and rub them together until they feel dry. 

9. We are aware of avoiding direct contact with our guests and encourage them to avoid it as well. We always do Namaste (Nepali form of Greeting) in lieu of handshakes or hugging.

10. Guide and support staff will wear surgical gloves when they are in the field operation.

In the case of Illness

1. A risk assessment and minimizing plan put in place for all trips

2. COVID-19 response plan applied to all trekking and tours, in the event a guest or staff presents with corona virus-like symptoms during a trip. That includes a PCR test as well. 

3. We will immediately Isolate ill persons from the group, contact local medical authorities and follow their advice

4. If you are in the Mountain we will immediately arrange your safe return to Kathmandu and Isolate you in the hotel, bring to the hospital if needed.

Group Size

1. We recommend you to travel with your buddies

2. In the case of joining the group, we try to keep the size of the group in a minimum. Maximum 10 persons per group.


1. All vehicles used for your services will be cleaned and sanitized every day.

2. We will be maintaining physical distance even on the board. Will be carrying only half of its capacity.

Hotels and Restaurants

1. we only choose hotels and restaurants with the following criteria:

2. Hotels and Restaurants with Deep cleaning of all surfaces especially Handrails, Doorknobs, Tables, and Sitting Area every day.

3. Hotel providing food in-room service, support to make social distancing.

4. Change the bedsheets, pillow covers and towels are every day and for every single check-in.

5. Do temperature screening devices to detect our guests every entry by their security.

6. Easily found hand sanitisers in common areas.

7. Clean check-in regularly: Housekeeping, waiters and bellboy staff are wearing masks, gloves and other safety gear.

We are available 24*7 for your support. Contact us for updates, questions or concerns about your future travel to Nepal. By the way, this is the best time to began demining of your next adventure to the Himalayas and to go gather ideas.  We look forward to welcoming you to the Mystical land of the Himalayas, Nepal once the Pandemic is over, borders re-open, health and travel concerns are moderated, and you feel comfortable to travel again.

Namaste Nepal Trekking & Research Hub Team.

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