Ethnic Group Research and Exploration

The Human geography in Nepal is Remarkable.  Ethnic groups in Nepal are the product of both Colonial and state-building eras of Nepal. Nepal is the meeting place of the Indo-Aryan people of India and the Tibeto-Burmese of the Himalayas. Ethnically complex and Diverse country has 126 different Ethnic Groups. And they speak 123 Languages. There are three main cultural zones running East-West, They are: 

Himal: The north including the high Himalayas is called Himal, the major ethnic groups living in this area are: Thakalis, Tamangs, Tibetans, Sherpas, Manangpa, etc.

Pahad: The middle hills or Midlands Zone also known as Pahad which is below Himilayas and above flat land in Tarai. The major ethnic groups living in this area are Rai, Limbus, Newars, Gurungs, Magars, Bahuns, Chheteis, etc.

Tarai: Southern part of Nepal below the Middle hills to the border of India is known as Tarai. The Tarai is a flat land of Nepal, And it is also the Agricultural hub of Nepal. The major Ethnic groups living in this area are Tharu, Dhimal, Maithili, Chepang, Yadav, Musahar, Chamar, Mallah, etc. 

Namaste Nepal Trekking & Research Hub presents the ethnic group research tours.  You can choose the ethnic group of your interest for research and exploration we will support you to get into the best community of their kind, and we arrange the following required logistics for your Ethnic group Exploration tour in Nepal:

Some of our major ethnic group exploration trips are listed below: 

How do we Support you in the Research and Exploration Project!

  1. Arrange all necessary Paperwork and Documentation

  2. Get all the Permits and Authorization from the Government

  3. Experienced team of Local Researchers, Guides, and Support Staff

  4. We arrange all the necessary equipment hair/buy available in Nepal for your Research 

  5. Provide a professional translator for covering your story. We have fluent speaking Translators who speak various languages. (English, French, Chinese, Spanish, German, Japanese, Hindi, etc.)

  6. Be the Local representative of your project

  7. We are the team of destination experts; Team NNTR has good experience of the studies conducted at the remote mountain area and the high altitude.

  8. Manage  all the hotel reservation in the City area and arrange accommodation in the field

  9. Arrange all the food and drinks during the Research Tour

  10. Arrange all ground Transportation in Nepal

  11. Arrange Flight Tickets, Charter flights, Helicopters, or the Rescue flight if needed

  12. We arrange all the logistics for the customs clearance of the Research and Exploration Equipments.