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Tharu Ethnic Group Exploration

Trip code NNTR-1080
Package name Tharu Ethnic Group Exploration
Duration 7-20 Days
Max. elevation 1400.00 m
Level EASY
Transportation Private Tourist Vehicle
Accomodation Hotel/Guest House/Home Stay
Starts at Kathmandu
Ends at Kathmandu
Trip route Kathmandu-Tamang Cultural Village-Kathmandu
Cost USD 0 per person



One of the most visible groups in Nepal is the Tharus, who are thought to be the earliest inhabitants of the Terai.  Tharus are settled in more than 20 districts in the southern part of Nepal. They have their distinct Language, Culture, Customs, rituals, and lifestyle. Most Tharus have Mongoloid physical features.

Nobody is sure where they came from, although some believe they are the descendants of the Rajputs (from Rajasthan), who sent their women and children away to escape Mughal invaders in the 16th century. The women later married into local tribes. Others believe they are descended from the royal Sakya clan, the Buddha's family, although they are not Buddhist. Their beliefs are largely animistic, and increasingly influenced by Hinduism, and they live a life that is well adapted to their environment. Apart from farming, Tharus also hunt and fish.

Tharu are very famous for their ability to fight against Malaria when malaria was deadly to outsiders. The Research found Tharus was 7 times less affected by Malaraya than other ethnic groups living nearby. More recently, the Tharus were exploited by zamindars (landlords), and many Tharus fell into debt and entered into bonded labor known in Nepal as Kamayas and Kamalaris. In 2000 the Kamaiyas were freed by government legislation, but little has been done to help these now landless and workless people. Consequently, in most Terai towns in western Nepal, you will see squatter settlements of former Kamaiyas.

Major area of Tharus Settlements in Nepal

Chitwan National Park Area
Lumbini Area
Janakpur Dham Area
Most of the area in the Southern Part of Nepal.

Trip Itinerary

Day 0 : Tharu Ethnic Group Exploration Tour

For the Exploration and Research Trips, We customize every itinerary based on your travel plans and preferences. Normally we organize Tharu Ethnic group exploration trips for about 7 to 20 days. It depends on you how long you want to spend and the purpose of the tour.

Please let us know how long you want to spend for Tharu Ethnic Group Exploration Trip,  Then we work with you until you’re completely satisfied that you’ve got an amazing trip planned!

How do we support you for the Tharu Ethnic Group Exploration?

  1. To identify the best and suitable ethnic village of Tharus as per your time, interest, and purpose of the tour

  2. To Arrange all necessary Paperwork and permits

  3. To provide professional and Experienced Guide and support staff

  4. To Arrange local expert who knows everything about the Tharu people and their Culture

  5. To Be the Local representative of your exploration tour

  6. To Arrange the best available accommodation in the exploration area

  7. To Arrange all the food and drinks during the exploration days

  8. To Arrange all the Transportation in Nepal

  9. To Arrange Flight Tickets, Charter flights, Helicopters, or the Rescue flight if needed

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