Manaslu Region

We, Namaste Nepal Trekking And Research Hub consider the Manaslu Region among the best trekking region in Nepal. Despite its recent rise in popularity, the Manaslu Trek remains remote and off-the-beaten-path compared to the better-known teahouse treks in Nepal. The trek takes you around Manaslu, the world's eighth highest mountain at 8,163 meters. The Manaslu region is one of the “Best Kept Secret” trekking areas of Nepal. It is far less crowded than other well-known peers Everest Base Camp and Annapurna Circuit. There are still about 10 times fewer trekkers on the Manaslu Trail. The trek is wild and remote. The first part of the trail follows the Budi Gandaki, a deep, long river gorge, with many suspension bridges. As we go higher we will experience the culture of Gurung people living on the lap of the Himalayas. The scenery provides all Nepal has to offer: you'll trek from the subtropical jungle at lower elevations, through the Himalayan foothills to the high, cold, and challenging crossing of the Larkya La above 5,100 meters.

The Manaslu region is also very rich in natural biodiversity; there are about 9,000 inhabitants, over 2,000 species of plants, 39 mammals, 201 birds, 3 reptiles, and 11 butterflies. Manaslu has a lot to offer to trekkers, from the beautiful scenery of the majestic Himalayan ranges and high-altitude glacier lakes to rich biological and cultural diversity. Ecologically Manashalu Region has a diverse range of habitats which boasts many rare flora and fauna such as Snow leopard, Lynx, Musk deer, Red fox, Jackal, Brown bear, and their prey species such as Blue sheep, Himalayan tahr, Himalayan serow, Wooly hare and Himalayan marmot. It is also home to a variety of birds like Snow partridge, Tibetan snowcock, Chukar partridge, Himalayan griffon, Golden eagle, among others, including diverse plant communities.

The culture of the people in the region is equally unique with most people of Tibetan origin following Buddhism.  It’s a Tibetan Buddhist culture. The rich cultural heritage is evident in several large Buddhist monasteries like Shringi Gompa in Bihi, as well as Mu and Rachen Gompas in Chhekampar. Local examples of the harmony between religion and environmental conservation can be seen throughout the region, as Lamas (religious leaders) from the monasteries prohibit any kind of violence against wildlife. This has been hugely consequential in the prosperity of wildlife in the Manaslu region.

Namaste Nepal Trekking & Research Hub organizes different exciting, adventurous, and research trips to Manaslu Region considering safety and your comfort. The well-known trekking routes of this region are Manaslu Circuit Trekking, Tum Valley Trekking, Tum valley & Manaslu trekking. The best time to visit this area is in spring and autumn. Most trekking routes in the Manaslu region are normally serviced by teahouses and lodges. according to your time frame, interest, and budget, we will organize a wonderful trip to the land of the Himalayas. Thus, be a part of the Namaste Nepal Trekking & Research Hub and feel the ecstasy of the Himalayas.

Accommodation in Manaslu Region

Like in other famous trekking Regions you can't expect any luxury accommodations in the Manaslu Regions. as the Manaslu is a remote and restricted area for trekking. They have very simple and ordinary teahouses with limited services. Most of the teahouses have shared toilets and washing facilities. you have to make sure to bring a good quality sleeping bag with you.

Food in Manaslu Region

in the Manaslu  Region, you can enjoy traditional Nepali food “Daal Bhaat”, which is a platter of boiled rice, curry, Greens, lentil soup, and pickles is available everywhere, as well as many types of International (Indian, Chinese, Italian, Continental, Tibetan, etc) foods.

For breakfast, you can choose items of bread, eggs, porridge, muesli, pancake, fries, Chapati, etc.

The lunch and dinner menu is the same, which includes items of some vegetables and meats (limited option), spaghetti, pizza, noodles, Soup, momo, etc are common foods. The fruit is rare and you don’t find any seafood items on the menu.

You can also find simple choices of hot beverages that include different types of tea, coffee, hot chocolate, hot lemon with Ginger and honey, etc. In some places, you can also find a simple dessert menu that includes apple pie, chocolate roll, custard, and pudding.

Best Time for visiting Manaslu Region

For Visiting the Manaslu Region, Spring (March, April, May) and Autumn (September, October, November) are the best months. The air, freshly washed by the monsoon rain, is crystal clear, stunning mountain scenery, and the weather is still comfortably warm. Visiting the higher elevations of Manaslu Region can't be done in winter, Trekking trails above Samagaun (3390m/11120ft) Village is usually blocked by heavy snowfall, and all the teahouses above Samagaun are closed. but the Lower part of the Manaslu region can be visited all time of the year.