Trekking with Rajan has been a great experience! He's very calm, cultured, well mannered and hiking or trekking is never boring with him! I recommend you to book your hike or trek with "Namaste Nepal trekking & research Hub Pvt. Ltd, you will not regret it for sure!

Silvia O


I really enjoyed Rajan's company on this trek! Overall he is a hilarious guy and an expert guide. He expertly lead the way through the Mountains. We stayed at the best tea houses and ate very well. Rajan arranged the schedule efficiently and even made time for me to go rafting which was a highlight. We went on the Ghorepani- Poonhill Trek. Rajan has known the best way around the mountain, we were able to stick to quieter parts of the trail to dodge big groups. I had an amazing time!! Thank you Rajan!

Jamie Bursey


I have been working in Nepal on and off for years, and met Rajan when he was assisting a friend with her charity work in the Langtang region. Rajan acted as a trekking guide for a trek I did, and was a joy to be with. Not only is he incredibly competent (with a proven track record of keeping trekkers safe even in difficult circumstances) but is great company. He always has a smile on his face, and has an uncanny ability to make anything you could wish for evaporate out of thin air. He knows the routes and teahouses round Nepal like the back of his hand, and is a natural mountaineer. I have referred friends to him in the past who always gave great feedback, those who went solo trekking with him reiterated what a joy he is to speak with and spend time with. Could not recommend highly enough!

Ada H

United Kingdom

Going with Namaste Nepal Trekking...I haven't found better

I first met Rajan Lamichhane, the principal at Namaste Nepal Trekking, in 2017. I originally intended to trek to the Annapurna Base Camp without any assistance. But after reading all the advice available online I decided to seek out a reliable guide. I hired Rajan to be my guide on this trek and was immediately impressed by his fluent English skills and his friendly manner. What a wonderful enhancement to my Nepal experience he turned out to be! His organisational skills and easy manner made me so glad I made this decision. Nepal is endowed with astonishing natural beauty and the jawdropping scenery of the Himalayas. Rajan helped me to appreciate it fully and also became my window to the fascinating cultural and spiritual traditions of the country, Rajan originally comes from an agricultural area, and with my background in farming in Australia, his knowledge amplified my experience and provided answers to all my curiosity. I was impressed with the organic methods used by the farmers growing crops like millet, potatoes, ginger, cauliflower, cabbage, peas and tomatoes, All the accommodation and catering arrangements were seamless: every guesthouse we stayed in was the best available in that village. and Rajan seemed to know everybody along the way. I found the trekking on the way to ABC was a bit tougher than I expected. Rajan suggested an amended itinerary which was more suitable to my age (mid 60s) and fitness level and allowed me to have an easier, more enjoyable time and to come home exhilarated and keen to return! I did exactly that! In October 2018 I was back in Nepal. This time there was no hesitation, I booked my holiday with Rajan's trekking company from the outset. His suggestion was a trek to the Langtang Himal. I wasn't disappointed. Once again Rajan took care of every tiny detail and made all arrangements for my holiday, all travel, permits and passes. After several hours driving in a jeep on what seemed like the worst roads and hairpin bends in the world, we reached the town where the Langtang Trek begins. Coincidentally it is also nearby to a farming village that Rajan assists through his charity activities. This time Rajan had supplied a porter to carry the bedding and other necessities. This allowed me to carry a lighter pack. This added to my enjoyment of the walking and kept me fresher and more able to absorb every detail of this astounding landscape! In the aftermath of the recent eathquake, the damage and loss of life in this valley is still obvious, the precarious existence in these remote areas is brought into very sharp focus.Yet the people in these tough areas of Nepal despite their hardship can teach us in the West a few lessons in how to keep happiness alive. The end point of this trek is the village of Tsego Ri, this offers a nearby climb up to 5000m. This day outing is the closest you will get on earth to a climb up to heaven! Sublime! When back in Kathmandu Rajan arranged a wonderful trip to Bhaktapur Durbar Square. Mr Lamichhane's knowledge as a guide and his organisational skills, plus his genial manner and good humour made this trek into one of the most enjoyable holidays I have ever had. In 2019 I had the chance to realise a longstanding ambition of mine: to trek to the lakes at Gokyo in the Everest region. Because I have so much trust in Rajan's organisational skills and enjoy travelling with him so much I had no hesitation in engaging his services once again. And again it was a seamless, hassle free experience. This trek requires a flight to Lukla to begin. Due to cloud conditions this flight had been unavailable for many days. Rajan through his contacts was able to arrange a flight to an alternative nearby airstrip and a final push through to Lukla by helicopter. This allowed me to maintain my overall holiday schedule and not to miss any of the Gokyo itinerary. On this trek we encountered some of the less visited areas as well as taking in vistas of the iconic peaks. (Up at dawn to share the Ama Dablam views with a local monk!) Once again I could rely on Rajan;s skill and experience to plan and pace the trek to take into account my age and fitness level; also to assist me when I suffered a bout of altitude sickness. My Gokyo trek culminated in a breakfast on the terrace of the Everest View doesn't get any better than this! Based on my experience of three wonderful and varied treks with Rajan organising and guiding them, I can wholeheartedly recommend Rajan and his company Namaste Nepal Trekking to anybody planning a holiday in this fabulous part of the world!

Ray Wrightson