Sundar Thapa

Sundar Thapa

Representative Japan

Our Founder Member Mr Sundar originally comes from Gorkha Nepal, the Land of the brave Gurkhas. The passion for his travelling and curiosity about knowing new places made him join tourism and Journalism industry of Nepal.  Sundar has been travelling in the different parts of the Himalayas in Nepal science 2008 to 2018. In 2019 he made his way to Japan for Living. He is currently living in Tokyo and joined team NNTR.

He is dedicated to helping and booking the trips for all Japanese travellers coming to Nepal. He can speak fluent Japanese and English Languages. Travellers can get all kind of tourist information, advice, and help to get the trip of the Lifetime. He can help all the travellers coming to Nepal with Trekking, Hiking, Tours Climbing, Expedition, Rafting, jungle safari, Flights Tickets and many more in Nepal with his expertise.


Phone/ WhatsApp: 08050799814

Address: Tokyo Japan.